Motorola has announced completion of the initial phases of its first 4.9 GHz broadband solutions in Tulsa, Okla.

Started in September, the Tulsa trial included a network management terminal and two access points in suburban locations. Three vehicles equipped with Motorola’s ML 900 laptop terminals tested applications such as web browsing, instant messaging, e-mail and streaming video.

During the trial, the system has been reliable and stable, according to the Motorola project team and Tulsa public-safety agencies participating in the trial.

“The success of the trial, thanks in large measure to the involvement of City of Tulsa agencies that tested the system functions aggressively, means that Motorola plans to be ready to launch its first mission-critical broadband data communications solutions in the 4.9 GHz spectrum in 2005,” Nick Rendone, Motorola vice president, Wireless Broadband Solutions, said in a prepared statement last month.