Motorola and Intel yesterday announced plans to jointly help develop a standard for 802.16e, a proposed WiMAX standard that is designed to enable mobile applications.

Media reports indicate that the two industry giants do not have plans to develop specific WiMAX products, but a joint press release from the two companies indicated plans to cooperatively work on interoperability testing of Motorola device, network equipment and customer-premise equipment with Intel products.

"We believe 802.16e is going to be the way to go for both fixed and nomadic applications," Motorola Chief Technology Officer Dan Coombes said in a prepared statement. "With its robust specifications and ability to support high-value services like voice over IP and mobility, 802.16e is an ideal choice for many applications. Teaming with Intel to work on 802.16e standards and interoperability matters will complement our strategy of using 802.16e with our MOTOwi4 WiMAX solutions."