Motorola introduced the MCC 7500 IP dispatch solution, which connects directly to the IP network without backroom electronics or gateways. The solution offers end-to-end encryption from the radio to the dispatcher, according to Jim Connor, director of systems infrastructure and operations for Motorola’s Government and Enterprise Mobility Solutions sector.

“The audio is not decrypted at any point until it gets to the dispatcher,” he said.

The solution offers a partitioning function that lets agencies and departments share a system but maintain control over their own talk groups. “This is important for security and to ensure that agencies are able to work together in a seamless environment,” Connor said.

Also, Motorola showcased the soon-to-be-announced MeshTrack broadband indoor/outdoor location system that tracks personnel and mobile equipment in large and complex facilities - even inside a burning building - without relying on GPS. In addition, the GPS-based Personnel Location Tracking Solution lets dispatchers monitor and locate personnel who operate outdoors. It’s available on ASTRO 25 voice and data systems and tracks via the XTS 5000 portable radio when equipped with the company’s GPS remote speaker microphone.

Finally, Motorola announced the APCO Project 25-compliant ASTRO XTL 1500 (low-tier) and XTL 2500 (mid-tier) digital mobile radios, and an upgrade to the XTL 5000 (high-tier) radio that adds the O5 control-head application that interfaces with the company’s recently developed Digital Vehicular Repeater System to provide a cost-effective method to expand P25 system