Motorola has announced an agreement with NICE Systems to offer the latter’s recording and replay solutions to its public-safety, government and commercial customers. As part of the agreement, Motorola and NICE also agreed to jointly develop new recording and replay applications for Motorola-manufactured communications systems, including its family of trunked radio solutions. The NICE solutions will enable public-safety and government agencies to “simply and efficiently” record and search telephone calls, dispatch communications, and ongoing radio traffic—including radio IDs and talk-group information—over their networks using one recording platform, according to Jim Connor, Motorola’s director of infrastructure operations.

One of the first applications of the NICE digital recording technology will be in Motorola’s SmartZone and OmniLink trunked radio systems, which will enable users to record trunked radio traffic without using de-trunking cards, an expensive solution that also can take up valuable space in dispatch consoles, according to Motorola.

Motorola and NICE have worked together before, when the two companies collaborated to develop recording solutions for London’s underground railroad and Singapore's rapid transit system. In London, voice transmissions are recorded over 2500 voice channels used in the rail system’s five geographic zones. A single call-records database enables operators to locate and display radio traffic and automatically retrieve and play sequences of transmissions, according to Motorola.