ORLANDO--Industry giant Motorola today announced three new solutions suites designed to serve the public-safety community that will be displayed here at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) 2006 conference.

Featuring many technologies previously released as part of its MotoMesh portfolio, Motorola this week will unveil Mobile Office for Government solutions, Intelligent Video solutions and Event Management solutions, said Mike Fabbri, Motorola’s director of data solutions operations.

“We’re providing a migration path for customers, and we’re solving problems for them instead of throwing technology at them,” Fabbri said. “We think it’s very important.”

The mobile-office solutions are designed to let agencies transform patrol cars and other vehicles into virtual offices that let users run applications typically associated with their desktops. By using Motorola’s Multinet Mobility technology, the solutions are not limited to operating on Motorola networks, Fabbri said.

“You can mix and match. We can incorporate existing or third-party applications and still provide customers a cohesive solution,” he said. “If you’re using EV-DO to augment a private network, coupled with some mission-critical applications in your back office, then Motorola can architect a solution that’s going to meet the customer’s needs.”

Motorola’s Intelligent Video solutions are designed to optimize the use of video surveillance by gathering video, analyzing which clips are important and sharing targeted video with first responders in the field, Fabbri said. The Event Management solutions are designed to leverage easily deployable components to address the information-sharing needs associated with significant incidents or planned events.

These solutions sets often utilize the same infrastructure, allowing the agency to use its assets in a more cost-effective manner. One such asset is the Motorola command vehicle, which will be showcased at APCO and features broadband Internet connectivity, live video and remote database access at highway speeds.

“The command vehicle can allow people to touch and feel some of the things that we’ve been announcing,” Fabbri said.

In an effort to ensure that these solutions support as many applications as possible, Motorola this week is formally announcing its Motorola Application Developer Program—established to serve customers on an as-needed basis previously—that lets application developers make their products “MotoMesh ready,” Fabbri said.

“A huge driver for our MotoMesh Ready Development Program has been our customers,” he said. “Customers have a number of existing applications that they want to wirelessly enable, and the MotoMesh-ready program has been a tremendous tool for those third-party developers to wirelessly enable those applications.”