Mobile VPN software vendor NetMotion Wireless last week announced the general availability of Mobility XE 7.0 that features certified support for Windows Mobile 5.0 and two-factor authentication.

Combined with an architecture that allows scalable support of as many as 35,000 mobile workers, these certifications position the Mobility XE 7.0 product well in the VPN market, said John Knopf, NetMotion’s director of marketing.

“To the best of our knowledge, we are the only VPN certified for [Windows Mobile 5.0] smartphones,” Knopf said., noting that NetMotion is one of several vendors offering such solutions for PDAs.

These characteristics helped NetMotion land Unilever as an enterprise customer, supporting 1500 mobile units used by the global manufacturing giant’s field sales representatives, Knopf said.

“They are not the largest deployment for us, but they are our largest customer, in terms of the size of the company,” he said.

Knopf said NetMotion’s merger with longtime competitor Padcom is complete, with the final paperwork being submitted this week. Market reaction to the merger has been positive, as larger potential customers are more willing to consider NetMotion’s products now that legal threats to the solutions—a court in March ruled in favor of Padcom’s claim that NetMotion had infringed on its patents—are not an issue anymore, Knopf said.