MONTREAL—NetMotion Wireless this week announced that its Mobility XE software solution is being used by 419 enterprises, 134 of which subscribed during the first six months of the year.

NetMotion’s downloadable software allows mobile workers to maintain secure application sessions over VPN with IP-based devices when moving between disparate wireless networks or leaving a coverage area and re-entering it, according to Aaron Burnett, NetMotion’s director of marketing. NetMotion’s technology is transparent to the user, requires no additional development and works with legacy equipment.

“We don’t do anything to alter the existing infrastructure, which customers like,” Burnett said. “There’s nothing to tune or customize.”

Burnett said about two-thirds of NetMotion’s customers are in the public-safety market, including the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Burnett attributed much of NetMotion’s customer growth to recommendations by wireless carriers such as Sprint PCS and AT&T Wireless that enterprise customers on their new advanced wireless data networks use NetMotion’s solution to optimize users’ data experiences.

“As the leader in the mobility-management category, NetMotion Wireless’ new customer wins clearly demonstrate significant adoption of mobile computing solutions by true enterprise customers,” NetMotion CEO Steve Cullen said in a prepared statement. “We see every indication that adoption will continue to accelerate and expect to add more than 100 new customers over the next six months.”

Separately, Intermec Technologies announced that NetMotion is a new member of its Independent Software Vendor Partner Program for Computers and Communications.