Nextel Communications and Southern Communications Services (Southern LINC) reached a “tentative agreement” regarding issues surrounding the execution of the 800 MHz rebanding proposal being considered by the FCC, according to Nextel’s FCC filing yesterday.

According to the filing, Southern would occupy spectrum in the 861-863 MHz band in different geographic locations throughout the southeast U.S. and its contiguous frequencies would be treated as cellular spectrum. The parties also reached a tentative agreement about the costs Nextel would pay for the rebanding.

The agreement came after representatives for the two parties met with FCC officials yesterday, according to the filing.

Although most media attention has been focused on whether Nextel would receive 1.9 GHz or 2.1 GHz replacement spectrum, most observers said the biggest legal risk surrounding the proposed rebanding has been Southern LINC, which has been outspoken in its criticism of Nextel throughout the proceeding.