Wireless connectivity vendor Padcom yesterday announced it has teamed with computing giant Dell to create a wireless data solution for the public-safety market.

Through the arrangement, Padcom and Dell will co-market a solution combining Dell’s Latitude notebooks with Padcom’s TotalRoam software and Remote Access Routers. The solution is designed to provide secure, continuous data connectivity to public-safety personnel, even if they move from their private public-safety network to a commercial carrier’s network.

Padcom CEO Scott Stone believes the combination can have a positive impact on his company’s business plan.

“Dell is a terrific brand with a great reputation,” Stone said. “We definitely see this as a key accelerator to our growth in a sector where we’ve already been successful.”

Dell is a relative newcomer to the public-safety market but wants to package its laptop embedded with Padcom’s software and access routers--small boxes typically mounted in vehicles that enable smooth migration between networks for multiple devices without sapping the devices’ processing power. Mark Ferguson, Padcom’s director of marketing, said he believes this strategy will work well in the sector.

“This certainly underscores the solution approach that customers want more and more,” Ferguson said. “It makes the solution easier to deploy and certainly easier to buy.