Padcom, a provider of continuous remote-access software, this week announced it has joined the RSA Secured Partner Program. Padcom will use the program to certify that its TotalRoam software will interoperate with RSA’s SecurID for Microsoft Windows and RSA’s SecurID two-factor authentication solutions.

“Customers are going to be able to move forward with confidence that the RSA and TotalRoam will work together when they buy their solutions,” Padcom CEO Scott Stone said. “Our goal is to align ourselves with leading players in the mobile-data industry, … and we see RSA as a best-of-breed solution.”

By joining the RSA program, Padcom can provide its TotalRoam customers a two-factor authentication—for instance, a Padcom log-in and a random SecurID password—to help ensure that only appropriate people access information on an enterprise’s network, said Mark Ferguson, Padcom’s director of marketing.

Stuart Cohen, RSA Security’s director of partner development, said the addition of Padcom continues the momentum of his company’s partnership program.

"Companies need to maintain continuous access to vital information, and security is always a primary concern, especially on wireless networks," Cohen said in a prepared statement. "The technology partnership between Padcom(R) and RSA Security provides a valuable and secure connectivity solution to end users.”