Photron Technologies yesterday announced that its Ultra Spectral Modulation (USM) technology is entering the final implementation stage, where the company hopes its solution will prove to be the first communications technology to deliver 100bps/Hz.

USM is a spectrally efficient modulation scheme that enables wireless data rates of 5 MB/s using just a 50 KHz channel, according to Photron Technologies. Demonstrations of USM could be conducted within three months, beginning within a month after completion of the implementation phase, which is expected to last about 60 days.

"The advent of our hardware prototype demonstration for our licensed partners and other telecommunication companies is a very important milestone,” Dale Kluesing, Photron Technologies’ chief technology officer, said in a prepared statement. “After two years of extensive R&D effort, it is gratifying to know that we will succeed in providing a telecommunications technology that far surpasses any current base band technology by a factor of 25."