Purcell Systems today introduced the SiteSupport family of battery cabinets at last month’s IWCE in Las Vegas. Four models are available: the RAC68BB and RAC68BBWR remote-access cabinets; the RAC68BBDB dual-bay cabinet; and the RAC68AUX auxiliary cabinet. The cabinets’ design solves the thermal-loading problems associated with cramming more and more equipment into smaller cabinets that weren’t designed for it, which is occurring more often as radio manufacturers add capacity and functionality to their products, said Pete Chase, Purcell’s CEO. The real benefit is the system’s modularity, which Chase described as a “Legos solution, the way the components fit together.” The system also is technology agnostic. The result is that the Purcell system allows users to get sites up and generating revenue much more quickly, Chase said. “The technology they’re using doesn’t matter to us. What does matter is being able to deploy their technology quickly,” Chase said.