NEW YORK--The Radio Club of America last Friday inducted the following as Fellows during its annual banquet and awards dinner here: Charles P. Adams, Donald J. Backys, Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials President Gregory S. Ballentine, Leopoldo Barrios, Ralph E. Blount, Robert B. Famiglio, Richard T. Jones, International Association of Chiefs of Police Technical Committee Chairman Harlin R. McEwen, David J. Savolainen Sr. and C. Preston Thomson.

In addition, Gordon B. Bishop, a writer and columnist for the Newark Star-Journal from 1969-1996 and author of several books, was presented with the Jack Poppelle Broadcast Award; William Lieske Sr. was presented with the Fred M. Link Award for his contributions to the advancement of land mobile radio communications; Eric D. Stoll, Ph.D, P.E., was presented with the President’s Award for his contributions to RCA over three decades, notably his work as and officer and treasurer since 1987; Jerry B. Minter received the Alfred H. Greene Memorial Award for his achievements in designing and developing electronic components and equipment; and Emmett B. Kitchen Jr. received the Special Recognition Award in recognition of achievements over 35 years in the LMR industry and his work as a long-time RCA director.

Also, Stephen J. Hemphill, Carl J. Kraus and Charles Sackermann Jr. received the Special Appreciation Award for their June 11, 2005, commemorative broadcast denoting the first public demonstration of FM radio.