Terabeam Corporation, a developer of wireless broadband telecommunication systems, announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified the first high frequency millimeter wave wireless transceiver to transmit and receive data at a gigabit per second.

Terabeam's GigE Gigalink is the first radio frequency (RF) product certified by the FCC that provides full duplex gigabit line rates, the company said. The GigE Gigalink provides a gigabit interface into a customer's communications network and transmits and receives signals at a full gigabit per second.

With the FCC certification of Terabeam's GigE Gigalink, two technologies developed by Terabeam -- free space optics and millimeter wave -- offer transceivers that transmit at a full gigabit. Terabeam's free space optics transceivers send up to a gigabit of data on an invisible light beam, primarily through office windows. Terabeam's high-frequency millimeter wave transceivers send data via a 60 GHz radio signal from building rooftops or through office windows.

These products allow telecommunications carriers and enterprises to utilize high speed broadband connectivity without the high expense and delays of fiber optic cabling.