Companies hoping to do business with federal, state and local government agencies in the area of homeland security, need to remain customer centered, an IWCE conference speaker told attendees today.

Anton B. Reut of Federal Services, Inc (FSI), a market intelligence research group, advised IWCE attendees on attaining business and grants from local, state, and the federal agencies in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Noting that many government agencies define “homeland security” in different ways, Reut recommended researching the agencies to assure that the marketing plan matches the government agency’s needs.

According to Reut, the current DHS IT spending budget is estimated at $3.75 billion, but he warns that that figure changes almost daily.

Reut emphasized that state and local Homeland Security offices need products and advice. “They need networks and systems that help share information, [that] solve the incompatibility problems,” Reut said. “They need solutions, not products -- partnerships to solve problems.”