Marriott International said Wednesday that it will offer high-speed wireless Internet access in 400 hotels.

Marriott, which manages 2,500 hotels worldwide, offers in-room high-speed connections to the Internet in 400 hotels. It now plans in those locations to add wireless Internet access using the 802.11b and the 802.11a standards in public areas and meeting rooms, a spokesman said.

The service will be supported by STSN, a privately held company specializing in hotel high-speed Internet in which Marriott has a financial stake.

Intel Communications Fund, which is a Wi-Fi booster for the chipmaker, is also an investor helping to fund the hotel program.

T Mobile USA, the Deutsche Telekom unit that is the sixth largest U.S. wireless telephone company, has been deploying its "hot spot" plan of Wi-Fi-based wireless Internet in Starbucks coffee shops, and airline clubs and lounges with pay-as-you-go and subscription plans.

STSN is expected to finish the Marriott deployment of wireless Internet, using both the 802.11b and the faster 802.11a standard, next spring.

Marriott and STSN will share revenue from the service, but pricing plans were not revealed. Guests now pay $9.95 per night to use the wireline, in-room high-speed Internet.