One of the first base station workshops at the International Wireless Communications Exposition (IWCE) in Las Vegas gave participants an understanding of what it takes to ensure a basic level of protection through the grounding system for telecommunications sites.

David Kim, a Project engineer for Lyncole XIT, presented the session "Grounding Essentials for Telecommunication," at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the first day of the IWCE.

Kim's workshop included participants with a wide degree of understanding of the technical requirements for grounding protection for telecom sites, including tower sites and switching stations.

Kim said the participants learned how to different equipment bonded with other equipment, and how to achieve an acceptable level of system protection while minimizing loops and noise.

Dave Johnson, with the U.S. Forest Service, says he can take the information directly from the session and apply it to his job. "[The session] directly relates to my job because at each of our mountain top sites we have to ground the incoming antenna cabling, both at the building and at the top where it terminates."

Most of the questions participants asked dealt with how to apply classroom theories and instruction into real-world applications.