Barcoding Inc. has released three radio frequency identification (RFID) kits that enable companies to address Wal-Mart mandates regarding customers, technology and future investments.

The RFID Mandate Kit creates EPC-compliant global trade identification numbers. The software extracts data from the ERP system, which is included in an RFID tag that is placed on each carton and pallet that is shipped. The kits allow continual sales to Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense and other RFID-tag customers.

The RFID Evaluation/Lab Kit--equipped with an RFID printer/encoder, a portable RFID reader, a fixed-mount RFID reader, RFID tags and RFID encoding software--allows companies to experiment with RFID technology in a controlled environment to better understand how it can be used in their supply chain.

The RFID Readiness Kits--which comprise Zebra Technologies printers and Intermec mobile computers--are designed for companies that anticipate RFID future use but do not want to lose any of their current automated data collection technology investments. The items in these kits are RFID upgradeable.