MONTREAL--TriTech Software Systems this week announced that the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department will use its VisiNet Mobile communications application in as many as 200 field units.

VisiNet Mobile is designed to seamlessly extend computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system to in-vehicle laptop computers. Integrated with the department’s existing TriTech VisiCAD Command, department personnel can access location, resource and premise-history information while traveling en route to a scene, according to TriTech CEO Chris Maloney.

“It allows you look up previous incidents at the locations [and it]can tell you where any hazardous materials are,” Maloney said. “It also answers resource questions, like where are other units and who are they?”

Advanced mapping capabilities utilize satellite-image overlays and live GPS updates to give first-responder personnel a real-time picture of an incident scene while eliminating the need to rely on paper maps. The need for this enhanced solution was underscored as the department battled wildfires in Southern California, according to Susan Infantino, communications manager for San Diego Fire-Rescue.

“It is a necessity for our firefighters and emergency personnel to be well-informed when they are called into action,” Infantino said in a prepared statement. “Our current mobile data terminal system is outdated, and we knew we had to upgrade our mobile communication technology to provide field personnel with real-time incident information through a CAD-integrated, feature-rich solution.”

San Diego Fire-Rescue’s VisiNet Mobile solution is being funded in part by an Urban Area Security Initiative grant issued by the Federal Office of Homeland Security.