World Communications Center recently announced the launch of MariTrack, an Iridium satellite-based communications and monitoring system designed for the maritime industry that meets the International Maritime Organization’s requirements concerning Ship Security Alert Systems [SSAS].

According to Kate Donlon, a spokeswoman for World Communications Center, all ocean-bearing ships are required to have an SSAS system onboard by July 1; after that date, non-compliant ships won’t be allowed into any port worldwide, she said, adding that the solution has a variety of applications.

“One would be in the event of terrorism, and a second would be piracy. Believe it or not, there’s still a lot of that going on, especially in the small channels,” Donlon said. “A third would be weather emergencies; a lot of normal mobile communications aren’t truly global—they can’t get [their transmissions] out when they’re in places like the Arctic Circle or in the small channels. With Iridium, you truly get global coverage.”

MariTrack also meets the IMO’s Vessel Monitoring Services requirements and addresses future needs for Automatic Identification Services capabilities, the company said in its press release.