Sensoria, a San Diego-based vendor of mobile mesh software and equipment, this week announced that it has worked with TeleSym to develop a voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) solution for peer-to-peer wireless communications on all future Sensoria mesh-enabled devices.

Sensoria President and CEO Dave Gelvin said in a prepared statement that delivering VoWi-Fi is more difficult than the company’s video and data mesh solutions because voice does not tolerate latency.

"Originally developed for demanding soldier-to-soldier communications for the military, Sensoria is in a position to provide a highly integrated peer-to-peer voice communication solution in addition to real-time video and data sharing for public-safety organizations and other emerging voice-centric users," Gelvin said in a prepared statement.

Sensoria has licensed the source code to all of TeleSym’s SymPhone product family, according to a Sensoria press release.