The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, city of San Jose, and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company have partnered to create the Silicon Valley Smart Grid Task Force, which will make recommendations on California's energy-efficiency efforts and the rollout of smart-grid technology.

The task force, which was announced at the 2010 Silicon Valley Energy Summit, will aim to better educate the public about smart-grid technology and its role in California's long-term environmental sustainability and energy-efficiency goals.

The task force first will commission a study to investigate the economic impacts of smart-grid technology. It also aims to demonstrate the economic benefits of smart-grid investments in creating Silicon Valley jobs and identify next steps for local, state and federal policy-makers to expedite the deployment of the smart grid.

The task force consists of member companies Oracle, Cisco, Nanosolar, Control4, Coulomb Technologies, Silver Spring Networks and OPower. In addition to educating consumers, the Silicon Valley Smart Grid Task Force

Source: PR Newswire