Sinclair Technologies Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of fixed and mobile antennas, announced the release of its SC481 omni antenna. Designed specifically to provide enhanced coverage for cities, towns and highways, Sinclair says the SC481 delivers a gain of 10.5 dBd, a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.3:1, and passive intermodulation (PIM) operation of -110 dBm.

Sinclair's family of SC481 antennas also incorporate a parallel feed design to deliver improved pattern control and a higher null fill of -20 dB, the company says. Made with rugged components, SC481 antennas are designed for simple installation and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. The antennas are enclosed in fiberglass radomes to minimize tip deflection and coverage variations in severe wind conditions, the company says. Heavy-duty fiberglass radomes are also available for deployment in extreme weather conditions.