SmartLink Radio Networks said it has deployed a radio solution that provides interoperable communications between the Manchester (Conn.) Fire-Rescue-EMS (MFRE), surrounding county fire departments and the fire department maintained by the 8th Utility District.

The system provides interoperability between MFRE’s UHF system and the county’s low-band VHF system, and seamless mutual aid with the 800 MHz system employed by the 8th Utility district, SmartLink said.

The system recently was put to the test during a two-alarm fire. Cross-linked communications between fire fighters on top of and inside the burning building was not possible with the legacy VHF system, but the SmartLink system allowed incident commanders to simultaneously issue an evacuation command heard by MRFE and 8th Utility District first responders.

“The ability to cross-link these systems has eliminated the middleman and the time-consuming process of fumbling for gadgetry,” said Dan Huppe, MFRE battalion chief, in a statement. “In a situation as dangerous and unpredictable as a fire, the value of instant communication is immeasurable.”