Orlando, Fla.-based Solis Energy today announced its suite of solar power-based products that are designed for situations in which grid-supplied electricity is unavailable for powering wireless surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, WiMAX radios and sensor networks.

The company’s product suite includes the Solar Power Plant, or SPP, solar generators. According to CEO Robert Reynolds, the SSPs are pole- or wall-mounted systems that provide 12-, 24- or 48-volt power where AC power is unavailable and was specifically developed to support wireless infrastructure. In addition, an outdoor uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) system offers battery storage multiple battery configurations from 12 amp hours to hundreds of amp of hours for mission-critical applications. It is packaged in a NEMA 4X enclosure to protect system components from dust and water.

The suite also includes the Streetlight Power Tap Adaptor that provides access to 120 vAC, or volts alternating current, that can power a UPS from outdoor light poles. It acts as battery backup for short-term emergency needs, Reynolds said.

“Our products provide reliable outdoor power generation, connectivity and emergency/secondary power back-up, anywhere it’s needed, including remote locations that don’t have power,” he said. “Whether on-grid or off-grid, our products requiring no special expertise, and they give our customers the ability to take control of their outdoor power.”

The company’s products are distributed globally through resellers, including Anixter International, Cypress Equipment and Power Products Direct, Reynolds said. They are field-proven on applications offered by Motorola, SkyPilot Networks, Airaya and F4W, he said.