Speedcom has announced that its two-way radio line is ready to ship, including its flagship DT-100, which features its unique dual-talk technology and is designed specifically for professional motor sports.

While push-to-talk technology has become increasingly popular, the DT-100’s dual-talk feature allows users to switch from one push-to-talk conversation to another at the press of a button—an ideal tool for crew chiefs trying to communicate efficiently with both a driver and the crew. Speedcom has applied for a patent for its dual-talk technology.

For those who need only traditional walkie-talkie functionality, Speedcom offers the more affordable ST-50, which lacks the dual-talk capability.

“It’s the same case and same circuitry,” Speedcom spokesman Dave Whitaker said. “If all [some crew members] need to do is communicate with one group, why buy the more expensive radio for them?”

Whitaker said the DT-100 and ST-50 are the first products manufactured by Speedcom at the company’s new facility in Panyu, China.