Sprint Nextel yesterday announced the launch of Sprint Enterprise Mobility, a wholly owned subsidiary that will provide consulting services to enterprises trying to integrate myriad wireless services.

Sprint Enterprise Mobility President Bill Halbert said the new company will fill a niche comparable to the one IBM Global Services and other integration companies filled in the IT market more than a decade ago. The mobility market has blossomed in recent years much like the computing space did at that time, and Sprint Enterprise Mobility was created to help enterprises coordinate the myriad mobility offerings effectively, he said.

“Our advice will be objective … and we must operate in a multicarrier environment to serve our customers’ needs,” Halbert said.

Gareth Matthews, vice president of marketing and commercial activity for Sprint Enterprise Mobility, said the new company will be focused on helping customers develop applications that work across all mobile platform, not the sale of wireless hardware.

“This company was created in response to a market opportunity when it comes to custom, fit-to-purpose applications,” Matthews said. “This business is about the applications of technologies rather than the supply of technologies.”

Halbert said Sprint Nextel officials have been preparing the launch of the new company for more than a year. Sprint Enterprise Mobility initially will focus on the largest enterprises—Fortune 100 companies and large government entities—but the companies’ services may be useful to smaller enterprises as well, he said.

Sprint Enterprise Mobility already has customers, but they cannot be announced at this time, Halbert said.