Symbol Technologies this week introduced the Distribution Center 400, which the company is describing as the industry's first EPC-enabled turnkey radio frequency identification (RFID) portal solution designed specifically for industrial dock doors and portal environments. The DC 400 enables manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and retail stores to read class 0 (read only and read/write) and class 1 RFID tags at all shipping and receiving points, without human intervention, the company said.

Also introduced was an RFID-enabled mobile computer. Potential applications for the MC9000-G include inventory management for assembly lines, price verification by retail personnel, warehouse management of pallets and cartons using both RFID and bar codes, and baggage tracking by airline personnel. It is capable of reading EPC tags at distances as far as 10 feet, the company said.

In other news, Symbol announced an early adopter program for customers who are considering implementing the proposed RFID UHF Generation 2 (G2) standard currently under development by EPCglobal. The program, targeted at a limited number of EPC Generation 1 customers, will allow customers to simultaneously implement G2 fixed readers, G2 tags, and G2 portable terminal readers as a system, allowing realistic modeling of complete business processes using UHF Generation 2 technology, the company said.