800 MHz licensees submitting requests for planning funding for rebanding purposes should deliver their applications by deadlines established in the first timetable created for such requests, according to a recently released Transition Administrator (TA) guideline.

Under the new schedule, requests for planning funding (RFPF) from 800 MHz licensees in Channels 1-120 should submit their applications to the TA by May 15. Channel 1-120 licensees in Wave 4 should submit RFPF requests by July 1.

800 MHz licensees operating in the NPSPAC channels—where most public-safety entities are located—that are in Wave 2 should submit their planning-funding requests by Aug. 1, while NPSPAC Wave 3 RFPF applications are due on Nov. 1. The deadline for NPSPAC Wave 4 planning-funding requests is Feb. 1, 2007.

TA spokesman Bryan Cloar said the RFPF deadlines were established because the number of planning-funding requests submitted to date has been less than public-safety officials have indicated are needed. “We’re trying to remind the parties that it’s in their best interests to get [RFPF submittals] done as soon as possible,” Cloar said, noting that late submissions constrict the time available to negotiate planning-funding agreements and—ultimately—final rebanding deals.