Tait Radio Communications has released two in-vehicle products for its P25 public-safety radio series.

The TM9155 mobile radio now is available with a dual-head configuration option that lets two independent, standard control heads attached to a single radio body operate simultaneously. Elements of the user interface, such as display content, internal speaker audio and LEDs, are duplicated on both control heads, enabling multiple users to share the same radio. The radio body can be located separately from the radio and only requires the installation of the standard graphical head at the user location.

Additionally, the TP9100 vehicle charger for portables has been designed for fixed installation in vehicles to provide reliable and fast charging to either the battery alone or with the radio. Space-saving mounting options ensure solid charging connection to the TP9100 even when configured in a horizontal installation. With its single latch-and-release action, the vehicle charger also provides safe retention even during a collision impact, according to the manufacturer.