TELUS Mobility last week announced its Instant Talk service, Canada’s first push-to-talk (PTT) offering available on a national PCS network.

The walkie-talkie-like function is available through TELUS Mobility’s 1XRTT service area across via two phones: the Kyocera KX440 and the Motorola V65p.

The wireless operator currently offers PTT service via its iDEN-based Mike network, which the company announced will be expanded into Latin America and South America.

"Instant Talk and our Mike coverage expansion confirm TELUS Mobility's position as Canada's PTT leader," said George Cope, president and CEO. "In the last decade, the powerful PTT capabilities of our Mike's Direct Connect service have made it the wireless tool of choice for Canadian business. Instant Talk now allows PCS clients entry into the world of instant Push To Talk communications."