Transcrypt International has entered into an agreement with Talley Communications that call for Talley to distribute Transcrypt’s Tactical Interoperability Kit (TIK) in thirteen Western states, including Alaska and Hawaii. The TIK is a radio interoperability solution that links up to three radio groups in just a few minutes, according to Transcrypt.

The system enables cross-banding between radio systems, can extend radio range in remote locations, is suitable for use in emergency and disaster situations, and weighs four pounds. Target markets include first responders; federal, state and local agencies; law enforcement; fire departments; search and rescue teams, public safety, and emergency-medical personnel, Transcrypt said.

The demand for interoperability products is on the rise, said Mike Kelley, Transcrypt’s president, in a statement. “TIK provides a fast, cost-effective solution for agencies with normally incompatible radio groups who need to communicate during emergencies," Kelley said.