Phase 1 (2005): Tropos will support 802.16-2004 WiMAX as a point-to-multipoint backhaul link from Tropos’ metro-scale Wi-Fi networks to local points-of-presence (PoPs). This standards-based solution will improve price/performance versus current proprietary alternatives and offer operation in both licensed and unlicensed bands, the company said.

Phase 2 (2006): Tropos will introduce 802.16-2004 WiMAX within the metro-scale Wi-Fi network to provide inter-cell connectivity. In conjunction with Phase 1, this will allow quality of service (QoS) capabilities and licensed-band operation to the edge of the network, while still supporting Wi-Fi clients, the company said. The Tropos cells will automatically select the frequency bands and access methods that provide the best end-to-end performance.

Phase 3 (2007-8): Tropos cells will support 802.16e WiMAX client connections in both licensed and unlicensed bands, along with continued support for Wi-Fi clients. This will allow both licensed-band and unlicensed-band client operation and will offer mobility enhancements, the company said.