U.S. Robotics today announced at the CES show its first power over Ethernet (PoE) kit for wireless access points to give designers of wireless networks more flexibility.

Priced at $39.95, the U.S. Robotics kit includes a PoE Injector that delivers power to a CAT 5 Ethernet cable that extend as much as 300 feet from an electrical power source. Near the access point, a PoE splitter delivers power to the access point. The suggested retail price for the kit is $39.99.

Daryl Brown, a product marketing manager for U.S. Robotics, said the PoE kit is expected to be especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses that use larger rooms, building and warehouses that may not have power outlets near the best locations for a wireless access point.

“It lets you design your Wi-Fi solution based on your radio-frequency needs, instead of where you have a plug,” Brown said.