Ember Corporation’s ZigBee networking technology is now featured in Raymarine's LifeTag personal wireless “man overboard” system. The system protects boats with up to 16 crewmembers by wirelessly communicating each member's status to a LifeTag base station. For example, when a person or animal has gone overboard, saltwater rapidly degrades the wireless signal on the LifeTag device and triggers an alarm to alert the crew. The LifeTag alarm also is activated when a member moves beyond 30 feet of the boat, as well as through manual activation by pressing and holding a red button for three seconds.

Each LifeTag system consists of a base station and two wearable LifeTags, which can be fitted around an arm or attached to a belt. The base station handles communication with each LifeTag and provides outputs for external alarm sirens and relay contacts. The devices can operate a year or more (more than 200 operational hours) on one lithium battery, the company said.