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John Oliver takes a look at 911 technology, operations and funding

How Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) makes us less safe: Privacy and Security (Part 1)

Congress hits FDIC cyber breach that ‘boggles the mind’

DHS will beef up law-enforcement IT network, using cloud savings

Tummy problems? Just swallow this stomach-repairing origami robot made of meat

Encryption is ‘essential tradecraft’ of terrorists, FBI director says

Government tech team in hot water for ‘data breach’ tied to Slack messaging service

The FirstNet experience: Ohio video game virtually demonstrates network’s potential

Verizon trademark hints at mobile, fixed combination

Verizon strike underscores changes in telecom

Google plans to map the interior world in 3D

Breach of Nulled.io crime forum could cause a world of pain for members

Volvo’s self-driving program will have redundancy for everything

Dozens of companies found vulnerable to SAP bug patched years ago

Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of House Subcommittee on Communications, supports Donald Trump

Americans are getting freaked about doing stuff on the Internet

Andrew Seybold blog on amateur-radio operators: When all else fails …

Who will own your data if the tech bubble bursts?

Want a security clearance? Feds will now check your Facebook and Twitter first

Search-warrant change sparks backlash on Capitol Hill

Google-backed startup bringing 911 to the developing world with smartphones, motorcycles

Hill GOP aides hammer FCC during INTX panel session


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News announcements from our industry

DHS, National 911 Program release NG911 Cybersecurity Primer (scroll to bottom of the page)

FirstNet moves forward in robust consultation with states and territories

FCC blog: Modernizing wireless licensing at the FCC

FirstNet blog on Ohio’s virtual game to demonstrate network’s potential

Spectrum silos to gigabit Wi-Fi: Sharing the 5.9 GHz car band

Bayshore Networks to showcase its IT/OT Gateway at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference