FirstNet, in consultation with local jurisdictions, should assess the importance or criticality of each site and determine how to balance cost and risk. In fact, not all of the existing LMR public-safety communications sites in service today will meet these requirements. However, a significant number of them will meet the requirements and LMR services include communications fallback modes that will not be available on broadband network built today.”

In addition, the report acknowledges that no network can be built in a manner that is 100% reliable in all circumstances. With this in mind, it is important for FirstNet to have communications resources that can be deployed to a troubled area quickly.

“Even sites which meet PSG best practices and requirements may not withstand the extraordinary natural or man-made disasters, “ according to the NPSTC report. “Therefore, FirstNet must take steps to provide temporary network components that can be deployed into an area to  replace or augment failed sites. These temporary network components will not, in most cases, meet PSG requirements but will be able to restore minimal communications in a given area until such time as the PSG sites can be restored to full operation.”