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Lawmakers question role of NTIA during reauthorization hearing

Federal workers turn to encryption to thwart Trump

Senate, House aides said to vie for top NTIA spot

House passes E-Mail Privacy Act

NSA deputy director resigning this spring

AT&T just announced the first two cities to get 5G mobile data

5G wireless as a rural solution: Not anytime soon

How your ‘smart’ coffee maker could get hacked and ruin your life

UK government has ‘contingencies’ if 2019 Emergency Services Network target is missed

UK committee grills Home Office over ESN, notes Vodafone plans to decommission Airwave links in March 2020

Emergency in Great Britain—Will the new radio system be ready in time and how much will it cost?

The biggest barrier to Windows 10 success is still Windows 7

Cybersecurity policy in 2017: How will a major debate on government surveillance play out?

The data that turned the world upside down

Your browsing history alone could give away your identity

A T-Mobile merger with Sprint could end wireless brawl

Virginia municipalities fight wireless bill ‘granting privileges to a single industry’

Tesla's autopilot vindicated with 40% drop in crashes

Andrew Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet, LTE and the future

Fiber broadband: Is it a waste with 5G and Elon Musk’s satellites on the horizon?

Will Congress and President Trump be collaborators or combatants on regulatory reform?


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Total bids for FCC’s 600 MHz incentive auction top $19.467 billion after 39 rounds

Sprint reports that 41% of 800 MHz licensees along U.S.-Mexico have completed rebanding work

FCC announces tentative agenda for February open meeting

FirstNet video: First responders need reliability of FirstNet network, Los Angeles sheriff says

Amazon Web Services signs new CJIS addendum with the city of Plano, Texas