Few believe public-safety agencies will use MCPTT to replace LMR systems soon after its introduction. However, if MCPTT services prove to be reliable, an increasing number of first responders are expected to use the broadband push-to-talk alternative during the next several years, particularly in locations where AT&T provides good FirstNet coverage.

Exactly how long it will take public-safety users to be comfortable enough with MCPTT and the FirstNet system to use MCPTT as a replacement for LMR has been a topic of considerable speculation within the public-safety community. Most speakers addressing the topic at IWCE 2018 stated that they believe the transition to MCPTT would happen within 5-10 years, citing a variety of technical and economic reasons.  

Under the Florida RFP, the state would be committed to fund the proposed P25 system at least through 2036.

When asked to comment on this article, Motorola Solutions reiterated the statement it issued last week, when the state of Florida announced its intent to award the P25 contract to the company.

“Florida’s selection of Motorola Solutions to build a new statewide public safety radio system is a vote of confidence in our decades of successfully building mission-critical communications solutions throughout the state and nation,” according to the statement. “Motorola Solutions is thrilled at the opportunity to work with the State of Florida and eager to deliver state-of-the-art interoperable communications to the state’s first responders and the people they protect throughout Florida.”