From the National Journal: Vice President Joe Biden made another push on Thursday for giving emergency first responders the spectrum and funding they need to build a national broadband public-safety network.

"You guys have been telling us now for ... 20 years that you have no band [that] is specifically dedicated for cops to be able to talk to firefighters, to be able to talk to National Guard, to be able to talk to the military, to be able to talk to anybody who responds to a genuine national emergency," Biden said during a stop at the Alexandria (Va.) Police Department. "After 10 years, we are finally fulfilling the promise that we have been fighting to fulfill for you for a long time."

In addition to funding to help localities rehire laid-off police officers and firefighters, the White House jobs bill sent to Congress earlier this month also includes spectrum legislation. The proposal would re-allocate the D Block to public safety for their broadband network and authorize funding to help build it.