A couple of days ago, we posted a short news story written by Senior Writer Donny Jackson that reported on more rhetoric from Capitol Hill regarding the reallocation of the D Block to public safety. This time, a half-dozen lawmakers once again expressed their support for the action, and suggested other ways of getting it done should the so-called Super Committee fail to include reallocation language in the deficit-reduction proposal that is due next week. We’ve heard this so often, it’s beginning to sound like a broken record. And the words are starting to sound hollow.

Looking at this from the cheap seats, Congress and the public-safety sector are starting to look like Lucy and Charlie Brown, respectively. We keep hoping that today is the day that Lucy finally lets Charlie kick the football. We keep hearing that Lucy has every intention of doing so. Yet, here we are, still waiting.

Yes, I know that it isn’t easy to get any legislation through Congress. That is especially true of a law that ultimately will cost American taxpayers billions of dollars in the form of lost auction proceeds and the enormous amount of money it will take to build out the proposed nationwide broadband network for first responders, which is the reason the D Block needs to be reallocated. But can anyone think of a better investment? Think of the billions of taxpayer dollars that are wasted every year. Now think of the return on investment that will be realized once this network is built. Think of the additional lives that will be saved because of it — including those of first responders. Is there anything more valuable than human life?

Next week, our nation celebrates Thanksgiving. We have much for which to be thankful. At the very top of the list are the police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and 911 call-takers and dispatchers who keep us safe. If Congress truly wanted to thank them for their service, its members would stop talking and start voting to reallocate the D Block and provide funding for a communications network that will keep first responders safer while they risk their lives protecting us.

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