On the heels of the FCC nixing LightSquared’s plan to repurpose its satellite spectrum to support a nationwide terrestrial LTE network, the agency is soliciting comments on a similar request from Dish Network.

The FCC opened the proceeding in March with the passage of a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on the subject, but comments could not be filed until the item was published in the Federal Register, which occurred on Tuesday. As a result, initial comments are due on May 17, and reply comments are due on June 1.

Dish Network asked the FCC for a waiver that would allow it to use its satellite spectrum for terrestrial operations, but the agency instead opted to initiate this proceeding.

Earlier this year, LightSquared’s attempt to repurpose its satellite spectrum for terrestrial use was stopped, because of interference issues with GPS services. Although Dish Network is seeking to reuse its spectrum in a similar manner as LightSquared, Dish Network’s frequencies are in a different band and should not have the same GPS interference issues, according to industry sources.

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