Three more public-safety entities — Miami-Dade County, Fla.; the city of Indianapolis and Marion County, Ind.; and the state of West Virginia — seeking permission to pursue 700 MHz broadband strategies are the subject of new FCC proceeding announced yesterday.

In May, the FCC approved 700 MHz broadband waivers for 21 public-safety entities. In September, the FCC opened proceedings for 23 more entities seeking waivers that would allow them to deploy LTE networks for first responders. With comments due on Dec. 15, the latest proceeding for the three entities will be conducted as the previous waiver requests have, FCC spokesman Rob Kenny said.

The FCC has not ruled on any of the waiver requests other than the initial round of 21 entities. One notable question noted by the agency regarding many of the subsequent applications — particularly in the states of Texas and Pennsylvania — is how the commission should deal with waiver requests from entities with overlapping jurisdictions. In the first round of 700 MHz waiver requests, the New York City and the state of New York indicated they resolve such issues by working together.