A Motorola contract reportedly worth more than $80 million to build a public-safety radio network for the state of Missouri has been halted, after new Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon directed his administration to review all of the state’s long-term contracts.

Motorola was awarded the contract shortly before former Gov. Matt Blunt left office. On Tuesday, Nixon called for a review of all long-term contracts that could impact the state’s financial situation.

“The governor has directed his administration to review those contracts to make sure that they are going to be the best use of taxpayer resources,” Scott Holste, a spokesman for Nixon, said during an interview with Urgent Communications. “We are facing an economic situation in Missouri—like in other states—where we have to look at ways to make government more efficient, and this is part of the governor’s plan.”

One concern about the Motorola contract is that it requires the state to arrange for financing of the project, Holste said. He declined to speculate whether a vendor-financed arrangement would impact the Nixon administration’s perception of the deal.

While the new governor’s administration will review the deal, Holste said Nixon is “committed” to deploying a new state system for first responders.

“There’s certainly not a question of the need for having an effective system,” he said. “The question is whether this particular contract will fulfill that need in the most efficient manner possible.”