Feb. 21, 2018--The Government Wireless Technology & Communications Association (GWTCA) is pleased to announce that Andrew Maxymillian of Blue Wing Communications Services has been elected President, replacing the retiring Christopher Lougee

In addition, the following industry veterans have joined the Board of Directors: Arnold Hooper, Department of Public Safety, State of Tennessee; John Geiger, Esq., Internal Services Department, County of Los Angeles, California; Kyle Connor, Global Transportation Industry Principal, Cisco Systems; and Dan Deveson, Partner, Cooper General Corp.

“We want to thank Chris for his leadership in helping to create GWTCA, his vision in guiding the organization through its beginnings, and his tireless efforts to position GWTCA for future success,” said Maxymillian. “We are looking forward to carrying Chris’ efforts forward and continue to be the premier trade association representing the wireless interest of government workers.”

GWTCA is taking on new initiatives, including its efforts to assist states and municipalities in adopting effective small cell siting legislation. GWTCA, in its Comments to the FCC in Docket No. 16-421, expressed its concerns that small cell deployments must become more efficient for industry and municipalities, without sacrificing the legitimate interests of cities in ensuring the best quality of life possible for residents. GWTCA’s Annual Meeting will be held at 8 a.m. on March 8, 2018 at the Orlando Convention Center in Room N220E, in conjunction with the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).