Cassidian Communications received a contract amendment to expand its existing digital, trunked P25 land-mobile radio (LMR) network with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The existing CORP25 system, which was the first installation in the RCMP’s new Central Region Operation Communication System, was initially deployed in 2010 across a 360-kilometer corridor to successfully support the G8 and G20 Summits in Ontario, Canada. This next phase of the planned roll-out provides full coverage for RCMP members engaged in security, protection and law enforcement in the “O” Division.

The CORP25 system is the industry’s only true non-proprietary P25 solution. One hundred percent standards-compliant, the interoperable CORP25 solution supports multi-vendor deployments—a requirement of the RCMP at the onset of the project. Multi-vendor systems allow a customer to combine the CORP25 infrastructure with best-in-class radios, consoles and other vendor components to deploy a world-class solution that meets the needs of its users at the lowest cost of ownership.