Icom America this week at IWCE announced the acquisition of Kyodo Communications & Electronics' P25 division. To inaugurate this industry development, Icom will introduce a new P25 repeater in 2013 that is based on an existing platform.

Icom's new repeater will comply with Project 25 standards and will operate in conventional digital/analog mixed mode with 500 channels. This high-performing and robust repeater will achieve 100% duty cycle without a cooling fan, promoting stable and continuous operation. Available versions will include 136-156MHz, 150-174MHz, 400-435MHz, 440-475MHz and 465-500MHz.

The new P25 repeater will join Icom's current P25 interoperable equipment including the F9011 Portable Series and F9511 Mobile Series. Considered "all-in-one" packages, the F9011 and F9511 Series have built-in P25 conventional, P25 trunking and analog conventional. The F9011 and F9511 Series fulfill P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) requirements and qualify for federal grant funding from the Department of Homeland Security. Like the F9011 Series and F9511 Series, Icom's new P25 repeater will allow agencies the option to communicate digital/analog signals and use legacy equipment through mixed mode operation.