LAS VEGAS--Wireless systems vendor EFJohnson this week at IWCE is announcing business agreements with two partners that are designed to bolster its solutions portfolio.

One of the deals is an agreement to distribute Daniels Electronics’ remote base stations and repeaters as part of EFJohnson’s P25-compliant solution for public safety that should make new business opportunities available to the systems vendor, EFJohnson spokesman Kevin Nolan said during an interview with MRT.

“There have been a lot of bids in the past that have called for low-power, transportable, ruggedized outdoor repeaters where we just haven’t been able to bid,” Nolan said. “So this will help us quite a bit.”

For Daniels Electronics, the resale agreement lets the company “provide our products into markets that we are unable to address alone”, Robert Small, President and COO of Daniels Electronics, said in a prepared statement.

Separately, EFJohnson announced that it has teamed with Exacom to develop a digital logging recorder for EFJohnson’s Conventional IP25 infrastructure system that will enable a number of features, including decryption, search mechanisms and over-the-network rekeying, Nolan said.

“If [a user] needs to change encryption keys, they can do very quickly and very simply over the entire network,” he said.

The Exacom solution will be displayed during IWCE at the EFJohnson booth #6013, Nolan said.