Wise County, Texas, has awarded EF Johnson Technologies a contract to install a new radio system that will enable the county to meet FCC narrowbanding mandates and allow users to interoperate with adjacent communities. In addition, EFJohnson will provide the county with mobile and portable radios from its ES Series.

The EFJohnson P25 solution uses a distributed, self-healing network. Its distributed architecture eliminates traditional single points of failure. The system uses mature, standards-based, non-proprietary Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networking technology, which enables intelligent network communications without costly and complex centralized equipment.

In addition to the system solution, the Wise County order includes the purchase of EFJohnson 51SL ES series portable radios and 5300ES series mobile radios. These high-performance, reliable radios are P25-compliant and include EFJohnson’s AMBE+2 vocoder – the highest-quality digital voice coder in the industry.