The Atlanta Police Department has selected Everbridge Aware and SmartGIS for emergency and incident notification alters sent to residents from the city's 911 center. Additionally, weather intelligence alerts from AccuWeather AutoWarn will notify first responders if dangerous weather is approaching that may require an emergency alert to residents.

Using a customized opt-in portal powered by Everbridge, Atlanta residents and businesses will be able to sign up for personalized alerts on topics they care about, as well as provide additional contact information, such as mobile phone numbers that are not included in traditional reverse 911 systems. The citizen alert sign up page is accessible from the Atlanta Police Department's website.

SmartGIS is an interactive, map-based communication platform that reliably enables federal, state and local governments to contact thousands of people in a specific geographical region defined by zip code, street address, radius from a specific point, or latitude/longitude with life-saving information quickly and efficiently via all forms of communication, including landline phones, mobile phones, email, text messaging, instant messaging, pagers, fax, and more. Through the use of cloud-infrastructure technology, Everbridge is the first company to offer infinite elastic scalability and perfect resiliency of their emergency notification system. As an incident progresses and shifts location, such as during a car chase or a fire, Everbridge SmartGIS offers public safety officials the ability to easily identify and contact those in its path to keep people away from the affected areas.